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The Week’s Walk Destination

Come “Walk ‘n’ Talk” together in Ken Mercer Park, this Saturday, June 29

On the final Saturday of most months, we return to where World Walk to Wellness began a decade ago, in the 103-acre Ken Mercer Sports & Recreation Community Park.

Meet Mr. Pedometer by the SECOND parking lot, adjacent to the group picnic area and Restroom #2, at 8:00 and/or 9:00 a.m. for an hour (or two) to “Walk ‘n’ Talk” together.  The park is located at 5800 Parkside Drive, off of Hopyard Road.

Our walk around the perimeter of the park is in a clockwise direction, starting toward the willow trees.  If you arrive a bit late, cut across the park by the playground equipment and walk in the opposite direction until you see our group.  Sometimes we loop around the adjacent, small Woodthrush Park across the canal on the south side of Ken Mercer Park.

We will be walking on level, paved pathways.  As always, we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes and to dress in layers for the changing temperature.  We walk rain or shine…unless the rain is blowing sideways.  (As of this writing, no rain is forecast.  Expect warm – but not scorching –sunny weather.) 


Walk Calendar – June & July


June 29 = Ken Mercer Park, with Mr. Pedometer, 8:00 and/or 9:00-10:00 a.m.

July 6 = Historic homes, starting from Firehouse Arts Center, with Mr. Pedometer, 8:00 and/or 9:00-10:00 a.m.

July 13 = “Secret” back-door entry to Shadow Cliffs Regional Park, with Walk Star Karl Aitken (starting at Starbucks on Bernal Avenue near Stanley Boulevard).

July 20 = Moller Park, with Mr. Pedometer, 8:00 and/or 9:00-10:00 a.m.

July 27 = Ken Mercer Park, 9:00-10:00 a.m.


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Your Own Pedometer Walking Program

Starting a walking program is an easy and fun activity.  Like anything else that we really want to do, it is best to set a time to walk so that you don’t allow other things to crowd out your walking time.  Mr. Pedometer suggests using a pedometer to track your steps and measure your activity time.  He says to wear your pedometer for a week and go about your regular routine. Write down your steps and activity time each day.  At the beginning of the second week, increase your steps by 20% and work your way up each week until you are walking 6000-10,000 steps a day.  10,000 Steps-a-day is the recommended step count to maintain good health.

It is always more fun to walk with people, so find a walking buddy or look for walking groups in your community. If that doesn’t work, consider starting your own walking group. (See information on how to start your own walking group below).  Walking and talking makes the time fly by and being outdoors helps you relax and unwind all while getting in your steps.

If you would like to use a pedometer to track your steps and activity time, go to and check out the catalog.  There are also some great articles on the site on how to get started on your walking journey to a healthier life style. 



“Walk ‘n’ Talk” Gallery

Enjoy some pics of our previous walks.


Share your Vacation and Staycation Pics

Are you traveling this year?  Don’t forget to get your steps in.   Send us a Selfie of your favorite place to walk and we will post it along with your destination.  And hey – Staycations count too!


Start Your Own Walking Group

World Walk to Wellness LogoIf you are interested in starting a World Walk to Wellness walking group in your community, email us at and we will send you information on how to get started and post your group in our weekly newsletter. 

Become part of a worldwide effort to encourage people to connect with each other through walking groups and become more active for a healthier, active lifestyle.