Ask Mr. Pedometer and Friends….

March 6, 2019

Q:  Mr. Pedometer, do you make up all those “National Today Days and Month of …” things that you cite?     

A:  I don’t, but somebody does.  There is a website for that actually invites people to submit days/weeks/months to celebrate.  I have no idea what makes such a designation “official,” but lots of them show imagination and humor.

We already missed National Unplugging Day (March 1, which coincides with National Peanut Butter Lovers’ day, suggesting, perhaps, that those who are lost without being in front of a computer or cellphone screen could fill in their time by eating peanut butter?)

A few are serious, focusing awareness on diseases or other issues, such as World Wildlife Day (March 3) and International Women’s Day (March 8, which many nations honor, but not the USA).  World Water Day (22nd) is worthy of attention…but it shares the date with National Goof Off Day.  This month also has National Let’s Laugh Day (19th), followed by the International Day of Happiness (20th – What?!  Only one day of happiness per year?)

The International Day of Forests (21st) shares the date with National Common Courtesy Day, which you could interpret to say that in America, you have to go deep into the woods to finds signs of “common” courtesy.

I could support National Napping Day (11th), but I cannot even imagine what to do on If Pets Had Thumbs Day (3rd).

If you could limit yourself to one portion per year, this crazy calendar could be your diet guide, suggesting that you eat frozen food (March 6 – also Oreo Cookie Day), meatballs (9th), pancakes (12th), potato chips (14th), artichokes (with corn dogs? Both on the 16th), poultry (19th), French bread (21st), cheese steaks (24th),waffles (25th), followed by spinach (26th).

For those who want a steadier diet, this whole MONTH is supposed to be for celery, noodles, and “caffeine awareness.”

woman in walking shoes that are orange and tealHere is a good one to celebrate.  Coming up next month is National Walking Day on April 6

My conclusion?  No matter what day or month it may be to some, for all of us, every day, we need to …