How to Eat Right While Traveling

Mr. Pedometer, our holiday travels will involve lots of meals in restaurants. Do you have any advice on how to “eat right” under those conditions? Many restaurants serve very large portions. Ask your server for
“half to go,” dividing and packaging half your meal before it reaches you or share it with your travel companion. Read more

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Ask Mr. Pedometer and Friends…About Diabetes Symptoms   Q:  Mr. Pedometer, how is it possible that a person could have Type 2 diabetes and not be aware of it? A: Good question, particularly since November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  Here’s what Everyday Health...

Plant Proteins are Better for Your Health

We have all heard the warnings to eat less red meat. Many people have gone farther than that and get some or all of their protein from plant proteins because they are better for your health. Plant based proteins provide Important nutrients lacking in our normal diets