What You Can Do to Prevent Falls

Ask Mr. Pedometer and Friends….Prevent Falls Q:  Mr. Pedometer, an elderly (read: older than me) friend of mine fell recently, and now she’s afraid to leave her house, even for short walks.  I’ve told her that inactivity is bad for her, but she is afraid of...

Assembling an Emergency Supply Kit

“Prepared Not Scared” is FEMA’s Theme for 2019 National Emergency Preparedness Month. Assembling an emergency supply kit should be a priority before an earthquake or other emergency situation. Move ahead with emergency preparedness – no more procrastinating!

How to Prepare to Evacuate in an Emergency

Know how to prepare to evacuate in an emergency. Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, know how you’ll contact one another. Establish a family meeting place. Make a plan.

Preparing for a Safe Trip

Consumer Reports on Health has some good suggestions for you to help you have a safe trip. Optimize, Get you car checked out, prepare medicines and food…

Creative Ways to Stay Hydrated

Find creative ways to stay hydrated. Add a splash of 100 percent fruit juice to a glassful of water or chop up strawberries, melon, cucumber and orange, mint or other flavorful items and mix into a pitcher of water or…