Stroke Awareness – What you need to know!

Stroke Awareness – Knowing how to tell if someone is having a stroke could be the key to saving their life. And knowing the risk factors and what we can do to prevent them is a good way to protect ourselves.

Celebrating “National Today” Days

There is a website for that actually invites people to submit days/weeks/months to celebrate…. A few are serious, focusing awareness on diseases or other issues, such as World Wildlife Day (March 3) and International Women’s Day (March 8, which many nations honor, but not the USA). World Water Day (22nd) is worthy of attention…but it shares the date with National Goof Off Day. This month also has National Let’s Laugh Day (19th), followed by the International Day of Happiness (20th – What?! Only one day of happiness per year?)have no idea what makes such a designation “official,” but lots of them show imagination and humor…